Use the Product Finder to figure out which generating set you are looking for. You can enter various parameters, like the engine brand, the number of kVA’s and which type of fuel you prefer.
productfinder printscreenWhen you have a login to our website, you will even be able to look at the current stock of our generating sets! Ask your dealer for actual stock positions.
If you already know which generating set you need, you can use the Product Finder to obtain more technical specifications or pictures of this generating set. Afterwards you can create a Product Sheet of this particular generator.
When using the Product Finder, you can tick the boxes of the generating sets you want to compare. Click the ‘compare’ button on the left side and the selected generating sets will appear next to each other. This way, you can easily compare the technical specifications of the different generating sets you are interested in.

You can easily save your outcome in PDF format and/or print it out. As a Europower dealer, you can e-mail it to your customers or print a hardcopy. If you have a limited number of Europower generating sets in your warehouse, you can select all the models you offer and print them out in poster-size. This way, you can use this poster in your showroom to explain the differences between the generating sets. As end-user, you might not have enough technical knowledge to decide which generating set suits you best. You can print out or e-mail the outcome to ask a Europower dealer for more information. He will give you expert advice about your selected generating sets.
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